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travel pillow kickstarter

Long travel trips are exciting for travelers, but they become painful with the lack of sleep or unwanted neck pain due to uncomfortable sleeping positions. When you have to travel mostly while sitting like in a passenger bus or airplane, you cannot afford to have a sore neck at the end of the travel because that will destroy the journey’s mood. Thus, the travel pillow that Kickstarter has offered is most-effective in case of long travel journeys as it saves your neck and provides you hustle-free sleep during your transit.

Features Of The Travel Pillow Kickstarter

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Kickstarter has claimed to have created the world’s best travel pillow and has quite many features attached to it. The various features of the travel pillow are as follows-

The travel pillow is soft to touch to provide maximum comfort to the user.

It can be used in 4 different ways, thus making it a multiple uses pillow.

The hood attached to the pillow is adjustable and removable as per the preference of the user.

It is easy to travel pillow as we can carry the entire pillow in a compact bag, i.e., it is easily inflatable and deflatable, making it travel-friendly by saving space for other objects.

It has a cell-phone pocket for easy access to tunes in mobile phones and ensures its safety during travel.

The pillow is machine friendly and can be watched in a machine by removing its cover.

It is designed with light-weight quality material to ensure proper sleep without getting the feel of carrying any burden on your neck.

It gives adequate room for air passage to ensure good air value that maintains the pillow’s quality.

The entire can be adjusted as per your liking making it the best option for travelers during their long hour journeys.

Ways Of Using The Travel Pillow Kickstarter

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There are different ways of using the pillow by travelers. Few ways are listed below-

The Beard position supports your chin, thus ensuring that your head doesn’t bob up and down during your sleep.

The Bear Hug position provides you with a comfortable sleep situation as you can lean on a tray and hug your pillow in a straight manner. This position helps you relive the comfy sleep at home.

The Field Goal position provides support to your skull with the flanks’ help positioned upwards, thus maintaining an outstanding balance of your posture.

The Shoulder Pad allows the head to lean back as the flanks are positioned downwards. It is almost similar to the field goal position, with a slight change in the position of the flanks of the pillow.

Uses Of The Pillow

It is instrumental mostly at long haul flights to avoid unwanted conversations from the people sitting aside. You can wear the pillow and take comfortable naps and avoid neck accidents or sleepless times with the help of the pillow.


The Kickstarter travel pillow is an innovative way to ensure proper sleep even in the most uneasy scenarios, making it the best choice for traveling.

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