Tools For Your Travel Trailer Essentials

travel trailer essentials

Travel trailers are a popular mode of RVing. You will find small ones that are ten feet in length to those which can be several miles long. They serve the whole range of persons from families to couples. And they are not just meant for camping anymore. Many have been camping in travel trailers for years and carry a big list of necessities with them on their travels.

Major Supplies

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When you plan to go on a trip, there are many things you have to think about, and one of the most important is RV supplies. If you want to enjoy your vacation in a good way, you should include all the essentials in your list. These are essential if you want to make the best out of your holiday. A good travel trailer should provide you with comforts that you are used to having at home like television, coffee maker, fridge freezer, kettle, sink and microwave oven, etc. Many websites provide useful information about all the RV essentials, so check out some of these and make your RVing fun and memorable.

Best Features

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One of the essentials that you should consider is RV water pressure and waste tank gauge. If you find that your water pressure is low on the grounds, then this should be the first thing on your travel trailer essentials checklist. You should also know that RV water pressure can decrease because of improper fill of the water tanks or because the float valve has somehow been tampered with. You should therefore ensure that your float valve is always working properly. Also, ensure that the RV waste tank gauge is well placed and is always visible.

Another of the RV travel trailer essentials is the towing device. You should ensure that your towing mechanism is in perfect order because if it is not well working, you might have to pull the RV in a difficult way, which might end up with damage to the tow vehicle. You should also choose the correct size of the tow vehicle, which depends on the weight of the trailer. If you cannot find the right size of the tow vehicle, you can use propane towing rope and anchor it to the rear axle of the RV.

Another of the travel trailer essentials is the RV generator. To avoid running short of gas, you should buy a quality generator that lasts for many RV trips. For optimum performance of the RV generator, it is recommended that you purchase an RV generator that has excellent power output, reliability, and efficiency. In addition to the generator, you should also consider buying a quality RV battery. There are many types of batteries available in the market but not all of them are durable and reliable, so buy high-quality ones.

Do Not Forget These Things

The third essential of your travel trailer essentials is a grill. While most people tend to bring along a small portable grill at home, you should invest in a large campground grill. Large campgrounds usually have many grills and most of them have an attached griddle. If you want to avoid standing around the campfire so much, you should invest in a good griddle.

A fourth of the list of RV travel trailer essentials is good quality, retractable, sewer hose. A good quality sewer hose will help you save time since you do not need to carry a bulky hose around the campground. It is important to note that most campgrounds have strict rules on taking or using any camping equipment which requires the use of a sewer hose. You should invest in good quality, fully adjustable sewer hose to use at the campground. You should also invest in new cutting tools. These will come in handy especially if you need to cut firewood or make any other campfire repairs at the campground.


The fifth among the RV travel trailer essentials is a propane turkey fryer. While most people think that propane turkey fryers are strictly for outdoorsmen only, it has been found that even indoor people like to prepare a home-cooked meal for their family. If you love to cook and would like to learn to do it on your own, you should buy a propane turkey fryer. You should also invest in a large pot with a lid and some large pieces of aluminum foil. To cook the meat with the pan, you should invest in a good electric roasting brush. If you use a charcoal griddle, you should invest in a good quality charcoal grill.

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