Tips To Follow While Planning A DIY Travel Pillow Pattern

travel pillow pattern

xEspecially, if you are traveling with young children. This easy sewing tutorial comes with a free child-size Cat Travel Pillow design that you can easily use on your Cricut machine to create a plushy neck pillow for a day or even an evening “cat nap” for you and your baby! This is a great gift idea for a friend or family member on vacation.

Top Rated Crocheted Travel Pillow

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This is not just any old travel pillow pattern. This is the top-rated crocheted travel pillow of all time and definitely worth the money. Here is how to make one with your Cricut Crochet Bag (or your own hand-stitched wicker basket) in three simple steps:

First, you will need the free patterns to download from the internet. A Google search for “free patterns” should return several results. Look through them and see what you like. Keep in mind though, the patterns you find at Google are usually free patterns and there are usually no refunds. You might want to read a few reviews though before choosing a particular kit.

Next, you will need a basic sized crochet hook, such as a hooked “D” hook. Most travelers prefer a smaller hook (i.e., smaller than your normal size). You will also need two different size yarns – a worsted weight yarn in black or navy blue, and medium/ heavyweight yarn in tan/white. Yarn crocheting yarns come in various colors and qualities. Your choice of color and quality should depend on your finished project.

Process To Do After Downloading

Background pattern

After choosing and downloading your free patterns, open them up in your favorite word processing program and print out the resulting PDF file. Now, if you are sewing or gluing your fabric, you will need to identify the thread and needle size needed for the project. If you are working from a pattern, you will have already chosen your thread. The pattern will also provide you with the size of the needle and how many stitches you will need to complete the pillow.

Once you have located your stitches and know which color/thread to use for which stitch(s), you are ready to begin your travel pillow. Using the double crochet stitch (dc, hdc, a inc), you will first pull the thread tight. This will make a loop. Then, using a pick or other small tool, draw a line across the center of this loop, creating a tail. You will then begin sewing or gluing your fabric to this tail, making sure that all sides of the pillow are covered with stitches.

Attach The Easypress Mat

Once you have attached your pillow to your desired cushion, it is time to attach the easypress mat. Again, since this is an easy sew project, you may choose to purchase an inexpensive pillow handle rather than a handle with a handle. If you are buying a handle separately from the fabric, ensure that it is made of a strong yet flexible material, as it will be required to keep the pillow from moving around on you. Since the pillow will be made of a thick fabric, it is important that you iron-on a finishing to your project. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a hot iron (for steam ironing) rather than a regular steamer or hand-held appliance.

Bottom Lines

Finally, step 2 of this tutorial is to assemble your newly created DIY pillow. Again, since this is a DIY project, you may not want to purchase an expensive sewing kit. If you are not a skilled seamstress, you may elect to sew the pattern by yourself using a simple pocket or zipper. This method allows you to add your own personal touch to your travel cushion and, once completed, you can decide whether or not to give your pillow to a loved one.

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