These Honeymoon Disasters Are Simply Hilarious (#4 Could Happen To Any Newlyweds)

Have you ever asked yourself, why do newly married couples go on a honeymoon? One of the sole reasons why people go for a honeymoon is because it has always been the norm. Unfortunately, not all the honeymoons go well for all the married couples.

1. A Nude Beach Experience That Was A “No-No”

A person standing in front of a body of water

I know many of you wish to have a nude beach experience on their special days. Yes, that was one of my client’s wishes, but it never went as expected. Nude beach experiences are great, especially if you do it with your partner. But some experiences might make both of you look miserable. As an event planner, I have organized several honeymoon events on different nude beaches, but there is this one case that I found hilarious. The couple had scheduled their honeymoon in the South of France, and thus, being a nude beach, the lady wanted to look great.



As part of her preparation, she planned to get a Brazilian wax to remove all her pubic hair. All she wanted was to look perfect at the beach, but she feared to do her waxing at the spa. Due to her shyness, therefore, she opted for her inexperienced sister. The sister had no prior experience of Brazilian waxing apart from her waxing her legs. But because of the love she had for her sister, she gave it a try, but it never came out as expected.


Notably, the poorly done waxing was done three days before the wedding and a week to the honeymoon. Just before then, the bride started experiencing some irritable itching and discomfort. However, she persevered through the discomfort during her wedding day, but for the honeymoon, the hair had started growing, and the irritation rate doubled. She, therefore, had to cancel her plans of honeymooning at a nude beach.

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