The Ultimate International Travel Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate International Travel Essentials Checklist

So if you are going on an international trip, then you might be hell excited. You will be meeting new people, trying out different cuisines, exploring places, and experiencing a new culture. However, you might forget to carry or pack certain important things with you in all this excitement. Therefore, we have made an international travel essentials checklist that will come in handy for you. The checklist will keep you prepared and also prevent any last-minute hassle or worry.


A passport is the most important thing that you need to carry for your international trip. When you travel abroad, you need to ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months. This would be helpful as if it is not valid for at least six months; then you might be returned by the authorities.

The Ultimate International Travel Essentials Checklist
The Ultimate International Travel Essentials Checklist


Now for some countries, the visa is attached to the pages of the passport. While in some countries, the visa is given as a soft copy. After getting your visa, check its validity date and do keep a hard copy of it in your bag. This will ensure that you do not lose it and show it to the authorities as and when required.

Travel Tickets

You must carry your travel tickets with you both in soft copy and hard copy. Further, if you have even got your boarding pass online, then even carry it too in hard copy. This will be helpful if the battery of your phone dies. Moreover, you cannot travel without a ticket. Thus, it is important to carry it along with you.

Currency Notes

Whenever you are traveling to a different country, you must carry the local currency with you. Do not rely on credit cards completely. Since you cannot be sure that you will find a digital facility everywhere you visit.


If you are on some medications, then do ensure carrying a full stock of medicines with you. Further, if you wear glasses and contact lenses, keep an extra stock of them with you.

International Travel Essentials Checklist
International Travel Essentials Checklist


Further, do check what the climate of the place you are traveling to is. And pack your clothes accordingly. You don’t wish to fall sick or feel uncomfortable because of your clothing.

Electronic Devices

Ensure to carry your camera, phone, or speaker with you to capture those beautiful moments you spend there. Further, do not forget their chargers and other essentials. You can prepare a small handbag for your electronic items and carry them with you. It will keep them separate from other items and also make it easy to carry.

Travel Size Toiletries

It could become tough to pack all those big bottles of toiletries with you. Therefore, you can opt for travel-size essentials. They are easy to pack and also do not take much space in your bag. Nowadays, almost every item is available in travel size right from shampoos to makeup products.

So these were some of the important items that you must carry with you while traveling abroad.

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