The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand

The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand

Sun And Sand have graciously described the Gambia River as an incredible tangle of mangroves under the eruption of the green sun blessing invitation guarantee from the morning sun with sand strengthening.

“However, there are no crooks,” organizer Mark Goddard rushes to take over. Knowing is constantly great.

Sand And Sun:  Kayaking Up The Gambia River

Carl Kayaking on the Tanzi River

My kayaking trip from Tonji Fishing Village provides a delicate prelude to the Gambia River, giving its name to the minimalist West African nation that quickly expands its banks as it heads toward Senegal, a francoscopic country that is covered on each side.

Here, The Gambia’s long, sandy beaches, vibrant bar cafes and mid-ad resorts, sponsored by modest contract flights and operating mill temperatures on a 29–34 go C journey, have gained prominence for the mid-winter sun travel industry. Is.

The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand
The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand


Banjul Citiescape

Sincerely, after arriving in Banjul in late October, I live south of the stream and grapple towards the edge of the beach. My coat is in Coat’s Vacation Enclave, located on the former Fajara Golf Course, located in Cololi, which is home to strong lodges, for example, Senegambia Beach and Caaraba, Cafe Co-luncheon with Poco Loco – Bar & Ribbon. Don’t ignore Sainik. Cafగాs that make up the Senegambia strip.

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On the coast of Bijilo National Park, fewer riot sites, for example, Tanji, Sanyang and Gunjur grow.

Because of its long-standing reliance on opportunities in the Gambia seaside, this is, frankly, a ‘shameless’ tourist, a classless outcome of unnatural prostitution and the relentless annoyance or ‘boomers’ of young guests around. In fact, even in the travel industry, it is not difficult to focus on experiencing the taste of the Pass, from Mandinka to Jolla and Fula, a blend of the country’s longstanding, vibrant culture and natural communities. Do you know about luggage tags?

The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand
The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand

The combination manages to be delicious, with the cuisine – near, fixed on the ubiquitous trio of beaches and walnut-based tomato – supported by fish staples, for example, ladyfish and butterfly.

My best dinner is the neighborhood cafe, a dish of cassava, rice and plastic, cassava foliage, barbecued snapper and delicious natural ginger drinks. Dalsey has 110 (two pounds of shame). For example, competent neighborhood artist Siphon ranges from contemporary tunes to in-bars and nightspots, for example, Connolly’s Poco Loco, to simple staples that rely on instruments, for example, saber drums and hardened kora.


Another famous Gambian side wrestling worthy of consideration is my first, tourism, taste, modesty of a session at Rainbow Beach Resort (Rainbow) in Sanang. Called My Beach Fish Lunch, it marks the beginning of a detailed presentation of pre-season celebrations as I walk on my knees in my area, which rings fast around the ring and stings ringing with strange movements.

The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand
The Gambia: Sensitive Experience, Sun And Sand

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All it needs is acceptable enjoyment, a warming speaker, a flame, and even light help between sessions, attractive drumming meetings and a fall between waiting and celebration. The superstar is deep-rooted artist Crazy Rock, whose sharp hook fans can perform at Independence Stadium in Bacau.

By explicitly articulating the miniaturization of the country, my desire for a model of the nation is reduced, and within a few hours a wide assortment of encounters with the North and South Bank have been established.

Additionally, the launch of Senegambia Connect in mid-2019 offers a convenient development option for the Bara ship from Banjul overlooking the Gambia River Crossroads. (All things considered, I have a weakness for the boat).

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