Snowboarding Travel Bag

snowboard travel bag

When buying a snowboard, it is important to choose the right equipment that will last a long time. It is essential to have a snowboard bag because it is what will protect your snowboard from all types of weather. A snowboard bag which can store your snowboard, bindings, skis, rain gear and other accessories will help to extend the life of your snowboard long after the end of its intended use. Furthermore, if you are traveling with your snowboard, then you will want a bag with straps. Most airlines do not allow snow boards on their plane unless they have a proper carrying strap to secure the board to your chair.

When buying a snowboard bag, try to find one that has an interior that is waterproof. Although most brands and companies will say they have a waterproof bag, it does not mean that it will be as big of a success as a non-waterproof bag will. You also want a good looking bag because many snowboarders like to customize their bags in some way or another. Look for travel snowboard bags that are designed by Burton, Powder and Intex and that are designed in such a way that they appeal to the eyes as well as the mind.


A man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope

Another important part of a snowboard bag is the padding. The padding is built in to help keep the snowboard safe when it is carried. There are three types of padding which include foam, air and polystyrene. Most companies will tell you that the snowboarding bag with the best padding will provide the most comfort while also keeping the rider safe.

Burton Is Trustworthy

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Snowboard companies like Burton have been making wheels for over 35 years and they know what they are doing. The Burton wheels company has had the best snowboard bags and wheels for the longest time and they know exactly what customers are after. They offer wheels that have small air pockets to help keep the wheels light and also help the wheels stay on the ground. This is essential if you are going off the beaten path or if you are going off the main trails that the more popular skiers and snowboarders use.

The Burton snowboard bags are made out of the finest outer material that is available today. Most are made with a combination of synthetic and nylon polyester that gives them the strength and durability that you need without any of the weight that you don’t want. The Burton brand is well known for its high quality, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your bag is one of the best. Most are padded with a heavy duty tear cord for the ultimate protection when transporting your bag.

About The Bag

The bag comes with two exterior pockets and an internal mesh pocket as well as a D rings and a hook and loop closure. You will find that all of the major components including the leash are fully padded with an extra layer of foam in order to provide extra comfort. The inside of the bag comes with two large internal pockets that are large enough to hold all of your essentials. The snowboarder typically skis quite a bit and sometimes things can get a little messy. The additional features provided on the snowboard bags allows the rider to stow their things away in a fashion that is not only clean, but also prevents the hassle of having to figure out how to organize their gear after a great day of skiing.

Phantom Flight

The Burton Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag features a wide array of padding designed specifically for snowboarding. The most popular padding on the bag is the Burton Heat Stamp Pad, which helps to add extra cushioning to your bag in addition to providing excellent insulation against the cold. The other padding on this bag includes the Big Arm Strap, a strong strap that is designed to hold the bag in place, and the Tuff Box Strap to increase stability as you maneuver on your snowboard while also adding extra padding to the bag. All of these extra padding features combined provide a tremendous amount of comfort while also increasing the stability that you need to be as effective as possible.


Another fantastic feature found on the Snowmobile Spirit is its ability to connect to your chair via a shoulder strap that is padded with soft leather and features a hook and loop closure. The bag comes equipped with a removable adjustable shoulder strap that makes it very comfortable for the user as well as being easy to take on and off the plane. The shoulder strap allows you to place it across your chest and across your arms so that you are able to access all of the different compartments. One of the most common complaints about snowboard bags is that they can be difficult to take off and to pack up. The Snowmobile Spirit solves this problem by allowing you to roll it right onto your board with its convenient hook and loop closures. This feature is also very helpful in an airport because it can easily connect to your overhead bins for added organization and accessibility.

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