Sleeping Well In Buses, Trains Or Planes Is A Must To Enjoy Your Holiday! Check This Gadget For It!

A sleeping mask is a useful gadget that helps you get adequate and sound sleep while traveling or even at home. It simply refers to a lightweight barrier that you can use to cover your eyes from disturbing light while you try to sleep. Therefore, with this barrier, a good sleep mask creates artificial darkness that makes it easy for you to rest.

Falling asleep also on planes, trains, or buses can be peaceful if you have the best sleep mask. However, not everything sold in the market today is of the best quality. You need to be careful while choosing the best sleep gadget. Herewith is our adjustable travel sleep mask you should try.

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Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask

This amazing travel gadget is made of 100% cotton, making it super soft, comfortable on your face, and odorless as the cotton material helps to absorb sweat. Most importantly also is the fact that this amazing gadget is machine washable and also very easy to dry. Moreover, due to its material, the sleep mask is also skin-friendly and, thus, no skin irritation.

This sleep mask is also ideal for travel as it is lightweight, foldable, fashionable, and easy to carry wherever you go. The mask’s size is approximately 14.6 inches, while that of its adjustable strap is 18.5 to 27 inches. With these specifications, therefore, the sleep mask can be used anywhere and at any time. Due to its lightweight, it is very much comfortable on your face, and you most likely won’t feel it on your face.

How To Use And Where To Use The Sleep Mask

Using this beautiful gadget, you are guaranteed 100% light blockage as this breathable sleep mask seals all the gaps around your nose and hence, completely keeps off unwanted light from reaching your eyes. With minimal disturbing light, you can therefore have a restful sleep during travel or even at home. Therefore, it is ideal for traveling, having afternoon naps while in the office, in between classes, while at the gym or studio.

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The mask is also great to use anywhere as it is fitted with a buffet belt that helps prevent the mask from being moved when commuting or traveling. Its adjustable straps are also easy to remove. The straps are also durable. Hence, they can be used for a longer time.

Pros Of This Sleep Mask

  • Made of super-soft cotton material
  • It is breathable
  • Easy to dry under the sun. you can line-dry or squeeze it
  • It is comfortable on your face you won’t feel irritated
  • The straps are adjustable. You can therefore adjust it to any size
  • Perfect for travel
  • It is lightweight, foldable and fashionable
  • It is unisex- can be used by both men, women and children

Cons Of This Sleep Mask

  • It makes it harder for some people to wake up as it interferes with the production of the cortisol hormone
  • Wearing it with makeup on can smudge your makeup.


Shopping for a sleep mask should now be hassle-free for you with the aid of the above-given specifications about our sleeping gadgets. For additional information, you should read and learn more about our products on our website. 

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