Mexican Travel Tips For You

Mexican Travel Tips

Mexico is rich with a vast range of tourist attractions. The city welcomes several visitors annually. Mexico is famous for its remarkable resorts and tourist centres like Punta Cana, Tulum, Cozumel, and Cancun. Besides the resorts and tourism sites, Mexico has a rich and diverse cultural heritage proudly flaunted by each region.

Mexico is an incredible destination for a vacation, and the locals are famous for their friendliness; some say they are the friendliest on the planet. Another popular feature of this city is her incredible cuisine. Trademark dishes like Tacos, Tamales, Tostadas (just to name a few) always leave visitors asking for more. And, as you can imagine, the ladies are as beautiful as they come.

In this travel guide, you will learn a lot about the city of Mexico, explore its towns and hopefully fall in love with the wonders you will discover.

Mexico Travel Budget

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If you’re looking towards a vacation in Mexico, well, good news! You won’t be spending too much on travel expenses as there are many options for just about everything. This way, you can have fun on a budget or as lavish as you want, your call.


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Hotel prices range from as low as 124 MXN ($6.50) to as high as 579 MXN ($30) per night.


Mexico is famous for its incredible cuisine. There are lots of savory options to choose from. Depending on where and what you want to eat, your daily budget can range between 96 MXN ($5.50) to 400 MXN ($21).

Interesting Places to Visit

There are lots of cool places to visit in Mexico and lots of fun things to do. Some of the coolest locations to go and fun activities include:

· Tulum — This is an ancient historic landmark loved by visitors from all around the world.

· Visit Mexico City — The City Square, historic buildings, sprawling markets, and famous museums are a must-see.

· The Pacific Coast — This vacation spot is an all-time favorite for relaxation.

· Visit Chichén Itzá — An ancient historic landmark that dates back to 550 AD.

· Visit a Volcano — Mexico has more than thirty active volcanoes. The most famous of the pile is the 2,800-meter Volcán Paricutin.

· Go Diving — Mexico has an abundance of water bodies and has earned its place as a world-renowned hotspot for diving sports.

· Visit the Island of Dolls — If you’re into spooky adventure, the Island of Dolls (in Spanish: “La Isla de la Munecas”) is one of the world’s creepiest tourist attractions.

Where to Stay

There are many delightful locations to stay in Mexico; making up your mind could be challenging.

However, some great locations include:

· Suites DF Hostel (Mexico City)

· Mexico City Hostel (Mexico City)

· Haina Hostal (Cancun)

· Hostel Ka’beh Cancun (Cancun)

· Mama’s Home (Tulum)

· Casa del Sol (Tulum)

· Hostel Che Playa (Playa del Carmen)

· Gran Hostal (Playa del Carmen)

· Casa Angel Youth Hostel (Oaxaca)

· Hostal Pochon (Oaxaca)

When to Visit Mexico

Of course, you can visit Mexico anytime you like. However, just like any other tourist hotspot, Mexico has its fun seasons. At these times, the city is in her jolly spirits as there’s often one celebration or the other.

Some of the best times to tour Mexico include:

· Summer — June to October. By this time, it’s rainy in Mexico; however, the downpour is short, and the humidity is thick. Temperatures range between 78 – 90oF (25 – 32oC).

The hurricane is expected between September towards the middle of October; visiting is not ideal around this time.

· Winter — December down to the end of April. All of Mexico is at its busiest at this time; it’s tourist season. Although you will mostly find hotter temperatures, the coastal regions will provide plenty of humidity. Also, there are lots of fun places and activities to explore around these areas. The average temperature daily is around 81oF (27oC). The evenings are usually very breezy and cold sometimes; pack some extra layers.

An extra tip would be to purchase travel insurance.


Mexico is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. It is blessed with massive tourist attractions and a vast gamut of delectable cuisines. The people are very friendly and welcoming. One good news is that you won’t need an enormous budget to have fun in Mexico. Everything, from accommodation to food, transportation, etc. is moderate. So, if Mexico is the next place on your mind this holiday, this travel guide will guide you on all that you need to know. Happy holidays!

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