Costa Rica Travel Tips – Where To Find The Best Restaurants And Beaches

costa rica travel tips

Costa Rica travel tips abound for travelers planning a stay in one of Central America’s most politically stable countries. The small country, which shares its border with Panama and Nicaragua, has an abundance of natural wonders that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Travelers can visit the rainforests of the western portion of the country, where they will witness a variety of jungle life and wildlife. In the eastern part of the country visitors can see how the locals have adapted to a more environmentally aware lifestyle.

Costa Rica travel tips range from easygoing beach hangouts to more adventurous activities such as hiking and trekking. While surfing is a big trend in Costa Rica, don’t expect the surfers in this part of the world to be carrying around a surfboard. Surf schools are very popular in Costa Rica and many tourists come here to learn the art of windsurfing. Tap water is always safe to drink but locals always ask if you can use bottled water. Bring along a bottle of purified water from a local gas station or buy some bottled water before visiting rural areas.

Some Facts To Know About

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While in the capital city, Costa Rica, do not forget to try the local delicacies at any of the numerous restaurants around San Jose. Monterrey is Costa Rica’s home base and is well known for its variety of soft drinks, coffee, pastas, and snacks. Drinks such as the delicious Nuevo Limpado (coconut cream soda) and other delectable treats can be had at the local coffee houses. Day trips to the country’s rainforest region should not be forgotten either. Fly over and see the amazing monkeys or go on a nature tour to see coral reefs, mangroves, and abundant plant life.

Tour companies in Costa Rica cater to tourists in Costa Rica by offering everything from jungle treks to sightseeing tours. Most tour companies will take tourists on day trips to the rainforests. If you are interested in snorkeling, you can join one of these tours. But be sure to bring plenty of bottled water and sunscreen, as the Costa Rican weather can get pretty hot during the day and quite cold at night.

Golfing Is The Costa Rica Activities


If you like to play golf, then one of the most popular Costa Rica activities to do while on vacation is golfing. The entire country is covered with beautiful golf courses and many people come every year to play golf. In San Jose, there is the Grand Canyon Golf Course, the only one of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Other famous Costa Rica golf courses include the Copacabana and the Santa Fe Golf Course. There are many people who come to golf while on vacation in Costa Rica and compete in the prestigious International Golf Championship.

Another way to get around Costa Rica is with a tricycle. You can see many people riding on them on the streets of San Jose. Tourists can rent a tricycle for day trips or for longer ones, such as those that cover the length of the country. If you are traveling in a group, you should get around by sharing the cost of the tricycles.

If you are from the United States or other developed countries, you may be worried about water availability. Fortunately, in Costa Rica, tap water is safe to drink. Tap water in other parts of the world can be quite unsanitary and even dangerous. If you travel to areas where tap water is unsafe for bathing, drinking or washing clothes, you should invest in a portable water filter that will allow you to enjoy your Costa Rica vacation safely.

Bottom Line

Finally, for travelers heading to central America, you will want to consider what you would need to carry with you if you stayed in rural areas. Although there are only one bank and public restroom in most rural areas of Costa Rica, it is important to carry some basic necessities. You should always ask locals where you can find the best water and toilet facilities. Remember that a lot of Costa Rica travel tips are for tourists visiting the capital city, not for people who want to experience life in a rural area.

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