Benefits of Owning a Brookstone Travel Neck Pillow

Brookstone Travel Pillow

Travel by the time-honored means of a travel-sized Brookstone Travel Neck Pillow and get comfortable on your trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure! Get cozy with this exclusive, high quality neck pillow, a perfect complement to your luxurious bedding.

From traveling to traveling, comfort always counts. Whether you’re flying by helicopter, bus or plane, you’ll need to be comfortable at all times. With a wide range of neck pillows that can be customized according to your needs and desires, there is bound to be a right pillow for you.

Whether you travel by train, plane, car or on foot, a classic travel pillow is a great addition to your bag or luggage. A travel neck pillow features a thick, plush polyester material that will keep you relaxed on long trips. With a removable memory foam base, this pillow is designed to be used on any surface, making it a practical travel companion.

Extra Comfort

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Brookstone Travel Neck Pillows feature memory foam for extra comfort and durability. The unique, patented Micro Bead design is an easy way to adjust the height and comfort of the pillow, allowing you to adjust the comfort level to your exact requirements. These neck pillows are available in black, grey and white.

The Classic Travel Neck Pillows is available in black, grey and white. This pillow has a long memory foam base, which makes it easy to adjust to your exact body shape. Made from 100% natural materials, the Classic Travel Neck Pillows can be customized according to your body size, with a removable memory foam base. Made with premium Polyester, the Classic Travel Neck Pillows is very comfortable and durable and also came with a soft, plush micro-bead memory foam base.

If you travel by air, a Classic Travel Neck Pillow provides you with ultimate comfort by utilizing the air flow systems, ensuring that your travel pillow will never sag while being exposed to turbulence. The Classic Travel Neck Pillows is available in black, grey and white.

Classic Travel Neck Pillows

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The Classic Travel Neck Pillows features a memory foam core, and the Memory Foam base is made with memory foam. which is soft and pliable, giving it the ability to mold to the shape of your neck without losing comfort.

Whether you choose the Classic Travel Neck Pillows made with memory foam, you’re sure to find the perfect pillow for your travel needs. The comfort and support they provide are unbeatable for long trips.

There are many great benefits of owning a Brookstone Travel Neck Pillow. Here are some benefits of purchasing a Brookstone Travel Neck Pillow:


This is not a travel pillow, but more of a pillow, that will keep you and your neck, back, shoulder and even your head extremely comfortable. * Durability: These neck pillows are designed to last for years, without any issues arising due to wear and tear. * Support: These neck pillows are extremely comfortable and supportive.

Travel Neck Pillow: These neck pillows have a memory foam base that offers comfort and support when you travel by air. * Memory Foam: Memory Foam has a patented memory foam design that creates a soft, plush memory foam feel, keeping your neck and head in place for hours on end.


The Classic Travel Neck Pillow features an aluminum frame for support, which helps to prevent breakage. These pillows come with an adjustable strap, ensuring that your neck and head will stay in place and that there is no chance of your neck bending while traveling. * Anti-bacterial Design: This pillow is designed with an anti-bacterial coating to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping your travel pillow from accumulating any kind of odors, such as that caused by the use of public bathrooms.

The Classic Travel Neck Pillow features a foam body molding system that moulds the head and neck to the contours of your neck. This allows for easy access to all parts of the head and neck.

Final Verdict

These are a great way to keep your head and neck in place when traveling and to reduce pressure on your head while sitting, while providing complete comfort. Your neck will not sag while sleeping, and you will have total relief from neck pains and other discomfort brought about by traveling.

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